Is Apria Healthcare Going Out of Business?

Is Apria Healthcare Going Out of Business?
Is Apria Healthcare Going Out of Business

If you like reading medical news, you might have encountered a common query, “Is Apria Healthcare going out of business?”  This question has been on many people’s minds. Apria Healthcare is a well-known provider of home healthcare services. This company has been serving the medical industry for many years, but lately, it has been under various rumors of ceasing operations and closure. 

The company faced many challenges, such as data branches and market competition. These challenges cause many troubles for the company. But is it really shutting down?

In this article, we will solve all the mysteries related to the operations of Apria Healthcare and uncover the facts of whether the company is leaving or not. So, hang around us and read on!

An Overview of Apria Healthcare: History, Services, Reputation

Apria Healthcare is a well-known company that has been serving millions of people in the United States for many years. This company began in 1945 with the aim of providing people with top-class medical facilities in their homes. Apria Healthcare is the name of innovation in the healthcare sector. 

It provides various services, such as supplying medical equipment, medications, and therapy for breathing problems. They also provide other services like wheelchairs and oxygen machines. The idea behind starting this company was to make high-quality healthcare facilities available for people in their homes. So, people do not go out to buy healthcare services, as Apria Healthcare is here to help you in your home. 

As far as the market reputation of Apria Healthcare is concerned, this company holds a solid market reputation. People really trust their reliable and quality products and services. Also, their quick service and special customer care make them loved. Although the company has a good reputation and trust, people still question, “Is Apria Healthcare going out of business?” To find the answer, you need to keep reading. 

Is Apria Healthcare Going Out of Business?

Apria Healthcare going out of business is the biggest concern of people connected to the healthcare sector. But, Apria Healthcare is not closing or shutting down. The company is still in the business on its noble mission of providing healthcare services to your door. 

Although the company faced many potential challenges, it is not going anywhere. The rumors related to Apria Healthcare going out of business arose from the recent data breach they faced. Also, the financial challenges and high market competition made people wonder what was actually going on with the company. 

However, there is nothing to worry about. Apria Healthcare is not going out of business. You can still buy their products with just a few clicks. No hassle, just comfort, and you will get all the essentials at your door. 

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Data Breach at Apria Healthcare

One of the significant challenges faced by Apria Healthcare was the data breach. Recently, their system got hacked, resulting in unauthorized access to customer’s data and information. This data breach impacted the company’s reputation and customer’s trust. 

This was a big data breach and a significant cyberattack. It affected around 2 million customers. The company itself announced that the data breach impacted the personal data of around 2 million customers in the years 2019 and 2022. 

The data breach at Apria Healthcare was a big loss that negatively impacted their market reputation and career. People become conscious of trusting their systems as they lose their sensitive data. 

Moreover, this data breach happened two times. First, it happens between 5 or 7 May, 2019. The second time the data breach happened between 7 August to 10 October 2021. The company is tring to investigate to find the sources behind this potential attack on their system. Apria Healthcare also informed the police and started an investigation, but they still could not find the hackers who tried to hack their system. 

Is Apria Healthcare Facing any Challenges?

Is Apria Healthcare Going Out of Business

Like other companies, the journey of Apria Healthcare was not really smooth. They also faced many challenges and ups and downs. One such challenge was the data breach which badly impacted their market position and customer trust. 

Moreover, they also faced other market challenges, such as high supply costs and market competition. Also, many other companies came up after Apria Healthcare with the same or even better services and innovative ideas. This also becomes a challenge for an old company like Apria Healthcare. However, the comapny faced all these challenges bravely and never compromised on their services and quality. 

Who Acquired Apria Healthcare? Impact of Acquisation

Apria Healthcare has been recently acquired by another company, Owens & Minor, Inc., for an approximate sum of 1.6 billion dollars. This acquisition was a big move in the journey of Apria Healthcare. The acquisition was aimed to expand the business of Owens & Minor, Inc. Moreover, it will help Apria Healthcare improve its operations. By making collaboration with another big company, Apria Healthcare will try to improve the customer experience and their services. This move will also help them to expand their customer reach. However, this acquisition does not mean that Apria Healthcare is going out of business. In fact, it is just their strategic business move to grow, expand, and improve. It is true that this acquisition has impacted many of Apria’s customer and made them concerned about their business and quality. But the fact is that there is no need to worry about Apria Healthcare’s business or career as they are not going anywhere. You can still buy their reliable and top-notch medical and healthcare products. 

Is Apria Healthcare Going Out of Business - Bottom Line 

In conclusion, all the rumors related to Apria Healthcare going out of business hold no truth. The company is still in business and operating like before. They are not going anywhere. Although Apria Healthcare faced many challenges, it is still continuing its operations. They faced a significant data breach that impacted around 2 million customers. It means that around 2 million customers lost their sensitive data as a result of an attack on their system. Moreover, Apria Healthcare is also acquired by Owens & Minor, Inc. However, these challenges do not make them get out of business. They are still leading the market and serving customers with quality healthcare equipment at their doors. 


  1. Who Bought Apria Healthcare?

Recently, Apria Healthcare is acquired by Owens & Minor, Inc., for an approximate sum of 1.6 billion dollars.

  1. Has Apria Healthcare Left the Business?

No, Apria Healthcare did not leave the business. They are still around, providing healthcare services in the comfort of your home. 

  1. Is Apria Healthcare Still Operating?

Yes, Apria Healthcare still operates and serves people with reliable medical services. Although the company faced many challenges, it is still continuing its operations. 

  1. Is the Apria Data Breach Real?

Yes, the Apria data breach is real. Their system got attacked two times which resulted in the sensitive data loss of around 2 million customers.