Chili's Closing Time: When Does It Stop Serving?

Read this guide to know the Chili’s closing time. Explore Chili’s operating hours, holiday schedule and more to ensure a perfect dining experience.

Chili's Closing Time: When Does It Stop Serving?
Chili's Closing Time

Chili’s is a well-known restaurant chain famous for its delicious cuisine and reasonable prices. It offers a variety of menus from Mexican to American. It operates in more than 1610 locations and is one of the favourite spots for food enthusiasts.  

If you are also a food lover and want to try different tasty cuisines of Chili’s, you must know its closing time.

Knowing the Chili’s closing time is essential for a seamless dining experience. It helps you enjoy your favourite meal before the restaurant closes. 

In this guide, we’ll discover the regular closing time of  Chili’s on weekdays and weekends. We’ll also explore its closing schedule for holidays and events. Moreover, we’ll help you find the nearby restaurant timing using simple methods.

So, stay tuned and keep reading to plan your visit to Chili’s wisely.

Standard Chili’s Closing Time

Chili's Closing Time

Weekday Closing Time

During the regular weekdays, Chili’s starts serving at around 10:45 AM. It stops doing around 11:00 PM. 

These are the regular operating hours in most of the countries. However, they are not fixed hours and can vary based on location, rules and customer demands.


Opens At

Closes On


10:45 AM

11:00 PM


10:45 AM

11:00 PM


10:45 AM

11:00 PM


10:45 AM

11:00 PM


10:45 AM

12:00 PM


Weekend Closing Time

Chilli's extend their weekend operating hours (Saturday and Sunday) to fulfil customers' demands. Most people come out on weekends, so the weekend hours are more than weekdays.

On weekends, Chili’s closing time is around 12:00 PM. While the opening time remains the same as on weekdays (10:45 AM).

This timing may vary in different locations. You should always check the nearby outlet to know the precise closing time.


Opens At

Closes On


10:45 AM

12:00 PM


10:45 AM

11:00 PM


Closing Time on Holidays and Events

On holidays and special events, the cloning hours can differ. On some holidays, the closing times are prolonged; on others, it may remain closed. 

For instance, on holidays like Good Friday and Easter Sunday, Chili’s keep operating at regular hours. In contrast, it remains closed on holidays like Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

These operating hours can differ slightly based on locations, area, local rules and foot traffic. 

Holidays on Which Chili’s Keeps Operating




16 June

Father’s Day


12 May

Mother’s Day


27 May

Memorial Day


18 February

President’s Day


19 April

Good Friday


22 April

Easter Monday


17 March

St. Patrick’s Day


14 February

Valentine's Day


5 March

Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday


4 July

Independence Day


2 September

Labor Day


21 April

Easter Sunday


24 December

Christmas Eve


14 October

Columbus Day


31 October



31 December

New Year’s Eve


29 November

Black Friday


1 January

New Year’s Day


5 May

Cico de Mayo



Holidays on Which Chili’s Remains Closed




23 November

Thanksgiving Day


25 December



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Which Factors Can Impact Chili’s Closing Time?

Local Regulations

Chili’s operates in various countries, and every location has different regulations. These local rules can affect Chili’s closing time. 

In some areas, it may remain open till late-night or midnight. While in some areas, it may not allow to stay open till late at night due to specific rules. 

So, it is wise to check the local outlet's closing time before planning your dinner.

Customer Demand

Another factor which can alter the regular operating hours of Chili’s is customer demand. The restaurant extends its operating hours during high foot traffic to fulfil the demand.

But, if the foot traffic is low, it may close earlier than usual. Similarly, the restaurant prolonged its hours during weekends due to high foot traffic and closed earlier during weekdays due to low demand.

Seasonal Changes

Seasonal changes can also impact the Chilis closing time. Foot traffic is usually high in summer, so restaurants may extend their hours. 

Similarly, during tourist season, the outlets keep serving till late at night to accommodate the customers.

During winter, customer demand is less due to bad weather so restaurants may close earlier. 

Holidays and Local Festivals

Chil’s usually adjusts timing during holidays and festivals. During some holidays, it prolongs its operating hours to serve delicious dishes. On some holidays, it may close earlier or may remain closed.

At local festivals like gatherings and parades, it may close earlier than regular. 


Unexpected events or emergencies can also affect Chilis closing time. These situations may include power failure and harsh weather conditions. 

So, you should check the local store to confirm the operating hours before heading forward. 

How To Check the Naerby Chili’s Closing Time?

There are several methods to check the precise closing time of nearby Chili’s outlets:

  1. Use Chiili’s Official Website

To check out the nearby Chili closing time, using its official website is the easiest way. For this, you simply need to open Chili’s official website on Google and add your current location to the locator. Upon searching, you will get a list of local outlets and operating hours.

Using this official website, you can also check the holiday hours. Moreover, you can also check the menu and can place an order.

  1. Use Yelp

Yelp is a popular app that can help you find the local Chili’s operating hours. Go to the Yelp website, add your current location and search “ Chili’s.”

The search results will provide a list of nearby stores and all information about their operating hours.

  1. Use Google Maps

Another simple way to find the local Chili store's operating hours is using Google Maps. For this, you just need to open maps on your device and search “Chili’s.”

The results will give you all information about your nearby Chili restaurants and their opening and closing hours.

  1. Download the Chili’s App

You can easily find the local Chili’s closing time by downloading its app. You can easily download it from Google or Apple Store.

After downloading, you need to set up your account by providing information such as name, location, and zip code. 

Using this app, you can find the Chili’s location anytime and order your favourite Mexican dish.

  1. Call The Specific Restaurant

The most precise and accurate way to find the exact Chilis timing is by calling your local store. You can get Chili's number from its website and outline search.

By calling you can ask for details regarding the operating hours, menu and delivery.

Final Words!

In conclusion, to enjoy your favourite Chili meal, you must know its closing time. Knowing the Chili’s closing time will help you plan your visit accordingly. It will save you time and give you a seamless experience.

The standard operating hours are from 10:45 AM to 11:00 PM on weekdays. On weekends, they usually extend their hours and stop serving around 12:00 PM. 

This time may differ based on holidays, location, local rules, seasonal changes and emergencies.

You should always check the nearby Chili’s store to confirm the accurate operating hours. You can do so using Google Maps, Yelp or their official website.

We hope this guide has provided you with all the necessary information to plan your visit to Chilis. Have a delightful Chili’s meal!


  1. What is the Typical Closing Time for Chili’s Restaurants?

Chili’s restaurants generally close around 11:00 PM on weekdays and 12:00 PM on weekends.

  1. In Which Countries are Chilis Present?

Chilis operates in various countries, including the US, Canada, Mexico, UAE, Saudia Arabia, India, and the Philippines.

  1. Why is Chili’s Called Chilli’s?

Chilli’s is called Chilli’s due to its signature dish, Chilli Con Carne. This dish is a blend of various spices and is liked by people.