Is Dillards Going Out of Business?

Is Dillards Going Out of Business?
Is Dillards Going Out of Business

Dillards is a huge American Departmental store chain that has been serving exceptional quality goods for many years. But, now headlines are screaming about Dillards store closure. As the departmental store chain has announced the closure of some stores, it has become a big concern for their customers. 

These store closures have raised the query, “Is Dillards going out of business?”  

It is true that Dillards is closing some stores for the good, but no one knows whether this closure really means going out of business. If you are also a Dillards enthusiast and want to know more about this super departmental chain, this article in for you. 

Here we will discuss the history, operations, store closure, and future of Dillarrds. We will also answer whether Dillards is going out of business or not. Let’s dig the facts out!

About Dillards: History, Business, Operations

Dillards is an American departmental store chain that was started in 1938 by William T. Dillard. The journey of this retail chain started as a single departmental store, and today, it is one of the biggest American departmental store chains. 

Today, Dillards has around 282 stores in 29 different states across the United States. It is one of the renowned publicly traded companies on the New York Stock Exchange. This company is known for selling quality items. At Dillards, you can find a range of products such as clothing, jewelry, bedding, bath, footwear, and home or decoration accessories. Simply put, Dillards is a hub of all daily life products. 

Dillards has a long history of providing top-notch products and exceptional customer service. This retail chain has been serving the saturated and competitive industry successfully. But, still there are rumors related to “Dillards going out of business.” Please keep reading to uncover the truth. 

Is Dillards Going Out of Business?

Now, it’s time to answer, “Is Dillars going out of business?” Precisely said, Dillards is not going out of business. The retail chain is still in the market and operating like before, so all the rumors related to Dillards closure were fake and did not hold any truth. 

However, it is true that Dillards is closing some of its stores. But, these closures do not indicate that this big retail chain is closing permanently or levaving the market for always. They are still in the business and selling a range of daily life accessories. Although the company faced many ups and downs during its retail journey, it remained steadfast and committed. So, this is the result of their courage and commitment that they are still continuing and serving the retail industry inspite of all odds. 

The fact is that Dillards faced some challenges in meeting customer preferences and adapting to the changing market trends. But, these challenges were not big enough for them to make them leave the business. So, the good news is that Dillards is still all in the business and not going anywhere. 

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Why Is Dillards Closing its Stores?

Is Dillards Going Out of Business

Dillards announced it to close its two stores by September 30, 2022. They closed one store in East Hill Mall in St. Joseph, Mo. They also closed another store in Sikes Senter in Wichita Falls, Texas. These store closures were really surprising for their customers and everyone related to the retail chain. 

However, it was also hard for the company to close its two beloved locations, but it was also important and a strategic plan. Although Dillards was not happy to announce these closures, some factors made them do so. 

The first important reason behind Dillards store closure was the recent pandemic of Covid-19. Some reports suggest that Dillards faced huge losses during the pandemic because of less foot traffic and forced lockdown. So, they had to close their stores to improve their financial performance and get stability over time. 

Another significant reason behind the Dillards store closure was the change in customer preferences. Over time people’s preferences and likings changed, and they shifted towards other brands and big retail chains. This shift of preference really impacted the Dillards. They face loss of customers and less sales and profits at some locations. So, they decided to close the locations that were not going well. However, the closure of two Dillards locations does not mean that the whole departmental chain is going out of business. 

Dillards Financial Performance

Dillards is a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. According to some reports, Dillards financial performance is pretty good. The company once faced a decline in sales and profit during the pandemic of Covid-19, but now the company is back to high sales and growth. 

Moreover, the company’s operating results for the 13 weeks and 26 weeks that ended on July, 30, 2022, the company has increased their profits. There is around a 10% increase in their sales during this time. Thai shows that Dillards is doing well and also improving their sales and profit. Moreover, on January 29 the net income of around 52 weeks of Dillards was reported around 862.5 million dollars. So, these figures and the increase in the company’s sales indicate that the company is performing well and good and is continuously paving its path toward success and expansion. 

Dillards Future Plans

As we have discussed above, Dillards is not going out of business, and over time it is improving its sales and revenue. So, the future also holds a lot for Dillards. In the future, the company is committed to improving its services and expanding its range. 

Moreover, you can also expect some new store openings from Dillards. They are planning to open more locations to cater to more customers. This will also help them to grow their business and profit. Also, there are no plans for Dillards to leave the market or business in the future. The company will also not close any more locations. So, the future is all bright for your beloved departmental store chain. 

Final Words - Is Dillards Going Out of Business?

Finally, the answer to “Is Dillards going out of business?” is “NO.” This American Departmental chain that started in 1938 is still around and has no plans to leave the business. Although they have closed their two locations due to business loss, the pandemic, and changes in preferences and trends, it does not mean that they are closing down for always. Moreover, the company has raised a 10% increase in sales and is continuously improving its performance and services. So, don’t worry about Dillards going out of business; just pick your bag and enjoy your visit to the nearest Dillards location. Have fun!