Is Bare Minerals Going Out of Business?

Is Bare Minerals Going Out of Business?
Is Bare Minerals Going Out of Business

If you are a makeup enthusiast, you must have heard of a popular all-time favorite brand named Bare Minerals. This brand is known for its mineral-based makeup products. Whether you have oily, dry, or extremely sensitive skin, Bare Minerals’s makeup is perfect for all skin types. 

However, this famous and loved makeup company has been under some rumors of closing down. Recently, the company has announced the closure of many stores. This has raised concerns about Bare Mineral’s operations and future. 

People are wondering, “Is Bare Minerals going out of business?” 

In this latest business guide, we will dig into this query and find out whether this skin-friendly makeup brand is actually going out of business or not. So, stick around and read till the very end!

A Quick Overview of Bare Minerals

Bare Minerals is a well-known makeup brand that manufactures mineral-based makeup products. This brand has been around for many years. This company was started in 1995 by Leslie Blodgett. However, Bare Minerals is not like other brands in the town. It is a highly innovative and unique brand. 

With the aim of selling quality, skin-friendly, and gentle cosmetics, Bare Minerals has set new trends in the makeup industry. This brand is highly committed to sustainability, and for this they use recycled minerals for making and packing their products. 

What makes them stand out in the market is the use of pure, gentle, and safe ingredients in their products. Your skin matters for Bare Mineral, and to ensure it remains safe and elegant they use all best-quality ingredients. 

They are committed to clean, conscious, and skin-improving cosmetics. Their vegan formula-based products are so good that you can even sleep with your makeup. So, if you are looking for both safe and stunning makeup, Bare Minerals is definitely a go-to choice. 

Is Bare Minerals Going Out of Business?

Now, let’s come to the point, “Is Bare Minerals going out of business?” Although Bare Minerals is closing many locations, the brand is not leaving the business. Bare Minerals brand is still selling its products in the market. But things have changed a lot!

The Bare Minerals brand has been acquired by another brand named Orveon. So, from now on you will find all Bare Minerals products under the brand Orveon. Orveon will operate and look after the Bare Minerals brand. 

Although Bare Minerals has closed many stores and has been acquired by Orveon, it does not indicate that it is shutting down or leaving the market for always. The good news is that you can still find all Bare Minerals products under one roof of Orveon. So, from their foundations to moisturizers, everything is now available at Orveon. You can visit any nearest Orveon store or can also shop online for pure and miner-based Bare Minerals products. 

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Bare Minerals Store Closure

Recently, there has been much news of the Bare Minerals store closure. And all the rumors related to their store closure are true. The parent company of Bare Minerals is named Shiseido Co. Ltd. This company has announced the closure of around 100 Bare Mineral stores. This is a huge number, but according to the parent company, this hard decision was important to strive in the saturated and competitive makeup industry. 

Shiseido Co. Ltd. acquired Bare Minerals for 1.7 billion dollars in 2010. However, they also faced a loss of around 575 million dollars associated with Bare Minerals. That is why Shiseido Co. Ltd. decided to close around 100 Bare Minerals stores. This was a difficult yet strategic move to improve their business situation. 

Why is Bare Minerals Sold to Orveon?

Is Bare Minerals Going Out of Business

In December 2021, the famous beauty brand Bare Minerals was sold to another big brand, Orveon. This acquisition was their plan to overcome the business challenges faced by Bare Minerals. Orveon bought Bare Minerals to expand and grow the business to cater to more customers with quality and pure products. 

Pascal Houdayer is now the CEO of Orveon. He has 30 years of experience in the makeup industry. He is now working on many Bare Minerals products to provide you with even better quality. Moreover, the Bare Minerals parent company Shiseido Co. Ltd. also faced some loss with Bare Minerals. 

So, they decided to sell this company to Orveon so that they could improve their financial performance. Lastly, although Bare Minerals has been sold to Orveon, you will get the same even better quality products. So, shop freely to glow!

Innovations After Bare Minerals Acquisition 

The acquisition of Bare Minerals by Orveon proofed a game changer for this mineral-based beauty brand. Before its acquisition, Bare Minerals was only operated in 22 countries. But now, after acquisition it is operated under 48 countries. 

This shows the quick growth and expansion of the Bare Minerals brand under the supervision of Orveon. Moreover, after the acquisition, the brand is also working on introducing more innovative products that will work magic for your skin. The brand has also improved its e-commerce presence from around 36% to 37%. So, after the acquisition, Bare Minerals is touching new heights. 

What Is the Future of Bare Minerals?

As we have discussed, Bare Minerals has been sold to Orveon. Now, the brand itself is not selling and is all managed and operated by Orveon. Orveon is selling all Bare Mineral products and is aimed at bringing more innovation to these vegan-based makeup products. 

Under Orveon, the future of Bare Minerals is very bright as they are working on opening more stores and expanding their product range. Orveon is very comitted to improving the quality of these products to make them suit well for all skin types. 

“But it is important to note that Bare Minerals itself is not selling anymore after being acquired by Orveon. However, this acquisition does not indicate that the brand itself is shutting down because now it is operated and managed by Orveon.”

Wrapping Up - Is Bare Minerals Going Out of Business?

In conclusion, Bare Minerals is a renowned makeup brand that manufactures mineral-based makeup products. This brand was bought by Orveon in 2021 and is now managed by selling under Orveon’s supervision. But, this acquisition does not mean that Bare Mineral is going out of business as they are still working and selling all high-quality, skin-friendly, vegan formula based makeup products. So, shop their products from Orveon to glow differently. 

We hope this will prove helpful to you; thanks for your time!