Is Fairlife Milk Going Out of Business? A Complete Guide

Is Fairlife Milk Going Out of Business? A Complete Guide
Is Fairlife Milk Going Out of Business

Fairlife Milk is a renowned dairy brand. It is known for its unique and high-quality filtration process. This brand claims to provide quality products with high protein and low sugar, which makes it different from other brands. They use an ultra-filtration process to separate the milk into its components. 

Fairlife Milk offers a range of products, such as flavored milk, lactose-free milk, and milk-based protein drinks. People really like their products and quality. In 2022, the brand faced some controversies related to animal abuse. In some areas, its products were also unavailable. So, people started gossiping about Fairlife’s closure or leaving the business. Now people are asking, is Fairlife Milk going out of business? 

The rumors of Fairlife closure have made people worried. People are looking for facts. If you are also finding the facts about Fairlife’s market presence, you are at the right spot. In this latest guide, we will explore the rumors and answer your query, is Fairlife Milk going out of business? 

But find this answer and much more about your beloved dairy brand; you need to read this complete article. So, stick around us and keep reading!

Background of Fairlife Milk: All You Need To Know

Fairlife Milk, a popular dairy milk, was started in 2012 by Mike and Sue McCloskey. The aim behind this brand was to provide families with nutritious milk that also tastes good. This brand was created by Select Milk Producers, a cooperative of 92 family-owned dairies. 

Their first product was high protein dairy shake. It went so famous because of its appealing taste and high protein content. After this shake, the brand introduces many items. All their products are made of high-quality milk. They use a special filtration system called ultra-filtration to separate milk and milk-based products. 

The Fairlife Milk brand believes in providing its customers with pure and delicious products. All their products are prepared under high-quality standards to ensure purity and safety. Their products are rich in nutrients that provide extra nourishment. 

Is Fairlife Milk Going Out of Business?

Fairlife is a well-known dairy brand. As we mentioned above, it faces some controversies and challenges in 2022. Some of its products were also unavailable last year. Due to these reasons, there were many rumors of Fairlife’s closure. People started questioning, is Fairlife Milk going out of business? But the answer is No; it is not going out of business and is still in the market. Yes, you heard right!

Your favorite dairy brand is not leaving the business and is still operating. All the rumors related to its closure were fake and held no truth. There was a temporary shortage of its products in 2022. But now all their products are back on the shelves. You can still buy their high protein and less sugar products in any nearby store. You can visit Fairlife Milk’s official website to know more about their business status and product range. 

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Product Range of Fairlife Milk

Is Fairlife Milk Going Out of Business

Fairlife Milk offers a range of ultra-filtered and lactose-free products. All these products are prepared under high-quality standards to ensure their safety. Here are some of their top-rated products;

  1. Fairlife 2% Ultra-Filtered Milk

This ultra-filtered milk by Fairlife is lactose-free and rich in nutrients. It contains 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than other milk or dairy brands. This lactose-free milk provides extra nourishment and is also appealing in taste. 

  1. Fairlife Whole Ultra-Filtered Milk

The Fairlife Whole Ultra-Filtered Milk is also prepared by using a high-quality ultra-filtration system to ensure purity. This milk contains 50% more protein, 30% more calcium, and 50% less sugar compared to traditional milk available in the market. It is also lactose-free and rich in vitamin D. It is a perfect blend of nutrients and taste. 

  1. Fairlife Chocolate Ultra-Filtered Milk

This chocolate ultra-filtered milk by Fairlife is just like Fairlife’s 2% ultra-filtered milk. But it has a chocolate flavor that makes it yummier. It is specially designed for chocolate lovers. It ensures an amazing taste with high nutrients and purity. 

  1. Fairlife Fat-Free Ultra-Filtered Milk

As the name suggests, this is fat-free milk prepared using ultra-filtered technology. The Fairlife fat-free ultra-filtered milk has 50% more proteins and 50% less sugar than other fat-free milk products available in the market. 

  1. Fairlife High Protein Shakes

Fairlife offers a range of high-protein shakes for pre and post-workout. People really like these protein shakes due to their high protein and nutrients. These protein shakes are good for those who perform regular gym or workout. 

Benefits and Nutritional Facts of Fairlife Milk

Here are some benefits of Fairlife Milk;

  • Fairlife Milk contains 50% more protein and 505 less sugar compared to traditional dairy brands available in the market. 

  • Fairlife products are lactose-free, so they are good for people with lactose intolerance. 

  • Their products contain 30% more calcium than regular milk, contributing to bone health.

  • Fairlife products are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which improve heart health. 

Let’s have a quick peek at the nutritional facts of Fairlife Milk;







Total Fat


Trans Fat


Saturated Fat






Dietary Fiber


Total Carbohydrate





370mg (30% DV)

Vitamin B12

1.2mcg (50% DV)

Vitamin A

500IU (10% DV)

Vitamin D

100IU (25% DV)


Controversies Faced By Fairlife Milk and Its Partnership with Coca-Cola

In 2020, the brand Fairlife Milk faced some controversies due to a leaked video. A video of Fairlife’s employee was exposed abusing an animal. Due to this exposed video, Fairlife Milk faced many challenges. Due to this leaked video controversy, the brand's reputation was badly affected. There was a visible decrease in its sales and customers. 

To this video of an employee abusing the cow, Fairlife Milk also faced legal action. The brand faced an animal legal defense fund lawsuit for not treating animals correctly. Although the brand denied all the lawsuits claiming they treat their cows in a good way, their lawsuit remains for two years in court. 

The joint venture partner of Fairlife Milk is Coca-Cola. After two years, in 2022, Coca-Cola agreed to pay 21 million dollars to settle this lawsuit. So, their lawsuit ended in the spring of 2022. Fairlife Milk has promised to improve its animal welfare and employee training. 

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, the renowned dairy brand Fairlife Milk provides nutrient-rich and pure dairy products. The brand faced some lawsuits due to an exposed video of their employee abusing the animal. The lawsuit ended in the spring of 2022 when its joint company Coca-Cola agreed to pay the settlement amount of 21 million dollars. 

Due to these lawsuits, people were wondering is Fairlife Milk going out of business. But the good news is, No it is not going out of business. The brand is still operating, and all its high-quality and delicious dairy products are available in stores. You can find their products in any nearby stores or online. 


  1. Is Fairlife Out of Stock in 2023?

There was a temporary shortage of Fairlife Milk products in 2022. But now, in 2023, all the products are back on the shelves. So, Fairlife is not out of stock in 2023. 

  1. Is Fairlife Going Out of Business?

No, Fairlife is not going out of business. It is still in business and operating. All the news regarding its closure was fake. The brand is still selling its nutritious dairy products.

  1. Is Fairlife Being Discontinued?

No, Fairlife Milk is not discontinued. There was just a temporary shortage of some items in some areas. But it is now back on shelves. 

  1. Why Does Fairlife Milk Last so Longer?

Fairlife Milk last so much longer because they pasteurize their milk at very high for less time than other dairy brands. This increases the shelf life of Fairlife Milk. 

  1. For How Many Days Can you Store Fairlife Milk?

After opening the cane, you can use Fairlife Milk within 14 days. However, if it is properly sealed, you can store it in the refrigerator for 110 days.