Is Hardees Going Out of Business?

Is Hardees Going Out of Business?
Is Hardees Going Out of Business?

Is Hardees going out of business? This question is on everyone’s tongue these days. This curiosity arose after a well-known company that runs many Hardees stores filed for Bankruptcy. Also, this restaurant chain faced many other business challenges, such as high labor costs and changing market trends. All these challenges have resulted in the gossip of its closure. 

But now it’s time to uncover every rumor and answer your query, “Is Hardees going out of business?” In this guide, we will discover the story behind these rumors and discuss the challenges your beloved restaurant faces. So, don’t miss this informative guide, and keep reading!

About Hardees 

Hardees is a famous fast-food restaurant chain that began in 1961 in North California. This restaurant expanded soon and soon became a top fast-food chain in the United States. Now, Hardees is operating at many locations. 

Over the years, the Hardee’s has gone through several ownership changes. But today, it is owned and operated by CKE Restaurant Holdings, Inc. In some parts of the U.S., especially the west U.S., Hardees is operating under the name of Carl's Jr.

The menu of Hardees is definitely worth praising. It offers a range of hamburgers, fries, and drinks. Besides these traditional fast-food items, Hardees also offers a range of biscuits and sandwiches. They also offer an excellent breakfast menu to start your day with delicious items. In short, Hardees is a beloved fast-food restaurant chain with a precious history, customer trust, and a wide menu. All these features set it apart from other traditional food chains. 

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Stores Closure

Hardees has been around for many years, and its journey was not straight. In fact, it was like a roller coaster ride. During its journey, it faced many challenges. Recently, the company named Summit Restaurant Holdings, which operates many Hardee's restaurants, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This type of bankruptcy helps the company to rearrange its debts and pay them off. It is a sort of help to keep businesses running. 

However, as a part of the procedure, Summit Restaurants decided to close 39 out of its 108 Hardees restaurants in eight different states. This closure was very unexpected and shocking for the Hardees lovers. 

The company was also unhappy to close its restaurants, but it was the demand of time. They made this tough decision to reduce their food and labor costs. So, this closure was their strategic plan to pay off their debts. 

But this news made people worried about the future of Hardees. This bankruptcy and closure resulted in the gossip, “Is Hardees going out of business?” To find this, you need to stay with us and keep reading. 

Is Hardees Going Out of Business?

Due to the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and other potential challenges faced by Hardees, there are many rumors of its closure. People are questioning, “Is Hardees going out of business?” While many Hardee's locations have closed, the entire chain is not going out of business. 

So, it is good news for Hardees enthusiasts. All the rumors of its permanent closure are fake. People can still enjoy their favorite Hardees meals at any nearby location. Although it is true that many of their locations have closed, the company is still in the business and serving delicious burgers and biscuits. 

Here, you must keep an important point in view that the closure is just affecting some franchises and not the entire chain. So, Hardees lovers! You need not worry about the closure of your beloved restaurant because we have brought the good news that it is still in business. Just grab your wallet and go to the nearest restaurant to enjoy the delicious Hardees burger. 

But wait! Before heading to the nearest location, make sure it is still in the function. To find this out, you can use the Hardee's official website. Moreover, you can also use the Yelp website to know whether your nearest Hardee's restaurant is in operation or not. 

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Challenges Faced by Hardees 

Like any other business, Hardees also faced many challenges. One of their biggest challenges was Bankruptcy and store closure, as we have discussed above. The stores that were closed after bankruptcy resulted in a significant loss for the restaurant chain. 

Moreover, the rising costs of food and labor were also one of the biggest challenges faced by Hardees. These rising costs make it difficult to make good profits. Also the food landscape is also very competitive. Many new restaurants emerge with the aim of impressing customers with their unique flavors and ideas. This made the Hardees' survival difficult. 

But the good news is that Hardees faced all these challenges very well. They remain steadfast and never compromise on the quality. This makes them the top choice of fast-food lovers. 

What is the Future Outlook for Hardees?

The future of Hardees is full of possibilities. Although their many locations have closed, they are still in operation and continuously trying to improve their services. They are also planning to open more stores and increase their reach. It is a good sign and happy news for all those who like their menu. 

Moreover, Hardees is also improving and enhancing its menu. They may also introduce some new dishes. This will help them to stay in the competent market. So, we can say that the future of Hardees is full of opportunities, and these opportunities will also bring a lot for their customers. 

Final Words!

So, it was all you needed to know about, “Is Hardees going out of Business?” The good news is that Hardees has no plans to leave the business. However, its many stores have closed, but there are no plans for their permanent closure. So, Hardees is still around and serving at many locations. 

Like any other business, Hardees also faced some challenges. One of their biggest challenges was Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and store closure. But this restaurant chain faced all these challenges very well, which is why it is still in the business and serving at many locations. 


  1. Why is Hardees Closing Several Locations?

Hardees has faced many challenges, such as financial troubles, debt, and high labor costs. Due to these challenges, Hardees has closed many locations. 

  1. Is Hardees Still Around?

Yes, Hardees is still around and in operation. Although many of its stores have closed, this restaurant chain is still working and serving delicious meals. 

  1. Is Hardees Going Out of Business?

No, Hardees is not going out of business. Although it faced many challenges and store closures, there are no plans for Hardees to leave the business. 

  1. How Many Hardees are Left in the United States?

As of August 02, 2023, there are 1635 Hardees in the United States. 

  1. Is Hardees Available in Germany?

Yes, Hardees is also available in Germany. The first international Hardees restaurant was opened in Heidelberg, Germany, in 1965.