Is Harley Davidson Going Out of Business?

Despite its challenges, it's essential to clarify that Harley-Davidson is not going out of business. The company is taking proactive measures to ensure its long-term viability.

Is Harley Davidson Going Out of Business?
Is Harley Davidson Going Out of Business?

When you think about motorcycles, one name that stands out is Harley-Davidson. This famous American brand has been about freedom, rebellion, and the love of the open road since it started in 1903 in Milwaukee.

However, recent years have raised questions about Harley Davidson's future. Is the brand that epitomizes the American dream on the verge of going out of business?

In the dynamic business world, staying informed about the fortunes of iconic companies like Harley-Davidson is crucial. This article aims to answer the question, "Is Harley-Davidson Going Out of Business?"  

Is Harley Davidson Going Out of Business? 

Despite its challenges, it's essential to clarify that Harley-Davidson is not going out of business. The company is taking proactive measures to ensure its long-term viability, preserving its legacy, and continuing to produce the legendary motorcycles that riders worldwide hold dear.

I have given you an exact answer to whether or not Harley Davidson is going out of business. Please keep reading if you want to know registration trends, performance, challenges and changes Harley-Davidson has been facing. 

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Harley Davidson's Legacy

  • Birth in Milwaukee:

Let's go back in time to know where Harley Davidson is going. A long time ago, in a little workshop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, four smart folks named Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, William S. Harley, and Arthur's brother William A. Davidson started something unique. They wanted to make motorcycles that felt like freedom. That idea is still what keeps Harley Davidson going strong today.

  • Legacy of a Century

Looking back, we find a story of never giving up, excellent skills, and a love for the open road. Harley Davidson has become a big part of American culture for over a hundred years. 

From the powerful motorcycles of the past to the classic Harley-Davidson Sportster, these bikes have played a massive role in the history of motorcycling in America. Harley's legacy stands firm, a lasting symbol of freedom, rebellion, and the love for the open road.

  • Evolution of the Hog

None of Harley's achievements is as resonant as "Hog." Coined by the media, it assumed prominence due to a group known as the "Hog Boys," the daring factory racers of Harley Davidson.

The Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) was born in 1983, solidifying the Hog as an integral facet of the brand's identity. The H.O.G. community has been instrumental in safeguarding Harley Davidson's heritage and fostering a spirit of camaraderie among riders.

Harley-Davidson Worldwide Registration Trends and Performance

Harley-Davidson's global sales performance is a disappointment. In the first nine months of 2023, they registered 137,000 units, a 7.2% decrease and one of the worst performances among the top 20 global manufacturers. 

About ten years ago, Harley-Davidson was a powerful motorcycle industry player known for its iconic brand. 2014, they sold 329,776 motorcycles worldwide, and their future seemed promising.

However, in the following decade, their fortunes took a sharp downturn. Sales dropped by half, with six consecutive years of decline. While there was a brief turnaround in 2020, it didn't last, and by 2021, the downward trend resumed. This trend continued into 2022 and 2023.

In the first nine months of 2023, Harley-Davidson's global registrations amounted to 137,000, marking a 7.2% decrease. This decline ranks among the poorest performances among the top 20 motorcycle manufacturers worldwide.

This sales decline isn't limited to one region—it's happening everywhere. Sales are down by 6.6% in North America, 8.2% in Europe, and 15.5% in Latin America. India has seen a substantial 55.6% drop, Japan 9.2%, China 11.2%, and South Korea 15.9%.

Recent Challenges

Is Harley Davidson Going Out of Business?

  • Shifting Consumer Landscape

The motorcycle world is constantly changing, like a river that twists and turns. Lately, more people are choosing smaller, more fuel-efficient motorcycles.  In 2022, Harley Davidson saw a 5.6% decrease in motorcycle sales in the U.S., showing that this change is affecting them too. 

Younger riders are picking lighter and more versatile bikes, making things challenging for Harley Davidson, known for its extensive, heavy cruiser motorcycles.

  • Intensified Competition

The motorcycle world has become a tough place to compete. Harley Davidson is now up against rivals like Honda, Yamaha, and BMW. These big companies have expanded the kinds of motorcycles they make to appeal to more types of riders. 

They're also making electric bikes and adventure-touring models, which makes the competition even fiercer.

  • Economic Hurdles

Ups and downs in the economy have always impacted things like fancy, expensive stuff, including motorcycles. For example, during the 2008 financial crisis, Harley Davidson saw a significant drop in sales, about 15%. 

Lately, changes in the economy have also affected how much people are willing to spend, which adds to Harley Davidson's challenges.

Embracing Change

  • LiveWire: A Leap into the Future:

One of the most incredible things Harley Davidson has done is make the LiveWire electric motorcycle. They introduced it in 2019, and it's their first electric bike. It looks futuristic and has a solid electric motor, separate from Harley's usual V-twin engines, but still keeps that Harley style.

In 2022, something unique happened. Harley Davidson sold over 4,000 LiveWire electric motorcycles. That's more than a 100% increase from the year before! This shows that people like this electric bike and gives hope for Harley's future.  This indicates that Harley Davidson is not just stuck in the past; they are changing with the times.

  • Sustainability and Style

The LiveWire motorcycle is cool because it combines being good for the environment with Harley's fantastic style. It's an electric bike that doesn't cause pollution and still looks like a classic Harley Davidson. 

This is great because more people want electric vehicles, showing that Harley is serious about being eco-friendly without giving up its history and style.

A Broader Horizon: Diversification and Global Reach

  • Global Growth

In 2022, Harley Davidson sold a lot of motorcycles worldwide – about 41% of all the bikes they sold. This sale shows they are serious about selling their bikes in other countries. They want to ensure they don't depend too much on the American market in case of economic problems in the U.S. 

Selling worldwide isn't merely a business plan; it demonstrates that people all around the world still have a liking for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

  • Diverse Choices

Harley Davidson is like a big orchestra; they've added different types of motorcycles to their collection. They now have adventure-touring and streetfighter bikes, giving riders more options based on what they like and how they want to ride. 

This change is because the motorcycle world is changing, and riders want bikes that can do different things. Harley is not just changing for the sake of it; they're changing because they understand what today's riders want and need.

The Power of Community

  • Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.)

The Harley Owners Group is like a big, strong team that helps Harley Davidson keep doing well. In 2023, it's one of the world's most prominent groups of motorcycle fans, with over 1.2 million members in 140 countries. 

These riders all love Harley, and they're like an extensive support system for the company. They make people stay loyal to the brand, connect Harley with its customers, and help build a strong future for Harley Davidson.

  • Fostering Brand Loyalty

H.O.G. is not just a club; it's a group of people who love Harley-Davidson motorcycles. They get together, go on rides, attend events, and have fun together. This creates a strong bond of loyalty among Harley riders. 

This loyalty goes beyond borders and brings together Harley fans from all over the world. It's like a song showing the strength of the Harley-Davidson community.

Harley-Davidson's Future

  • Market Analysis

In 2023, the predictions for the motorcycle market are like the beginning of a big, happy song. They say things will improve, and this is good news for Harley-Davidson, a famous brand with a long history. 

If they make the right plans and choices, they can create a great song and make the most of the good opportunities in this growing market.

  • Challenges as Catalysts

Challenges are like the pieces of a puzzle that make a significant and beautiful song. Harley's way of dealing with these problems is like a music conductor leading a group of musicians, making changes, coming up with new ideas, and making everything work together in harmony.


As we enter 2023, people wonder: Is Harley Davidson going out of business? The answer isn't sad; it's full of possibilities. Even though there are challenges, Harley Davidson has a strong history, a commitment to coming up with new ideas, offering different kinds of bikes, and a big group of riders who support them. These things work together like a beautiful song for the brand's future.

Harley Davidson isn't just a company that makes motorcycles; it's like a road leader. Looking ahead, Harley is ready to create something great that will capture the hearts of riders and fans for a long time. The path forward might be bumpy, but with its history and ability to change, Harley Davidson is all set to find its way and do well in the changing world of motorcycles.