Is Hips and Curves Going Out of Business? Rumors vs. Reality

Is Hips and Curves Going Out of Business? Rumors vs. Reality
Is Hips and Curves Going Out of Business

Hips and Curves is a renowned brand in the world of plus-size lingerie. But recently, there has been a lot of chatter about the closure of this famous brand. This has made their loyal customers and employees worried. People are asking, “Is Hips and Curves going out of business?” 

The brand has been in the market for a long time and has been featured in many publications as well. But, like other brands, Hips and Curves also faced some challenges, which resulted in the rumors of its closure. 

In this latest article, we will take a closer look into this brand to separate rumors from reality. So, if you are curious to find the facts about Hips and Curves, this guide is for you. Stick around us and keep reading!

About Hips and Curves: Background, Role in Industry 

The journey of Hips and Curves in the fashion industry began in the 2000s. Rebecca Jennings is the president and the CEO of this prestigious brand. This brand is known for making quality and fashionable lingerie and swimwear for plus-size people. 

Their aim was not to just sell their products. In fact, they came into the market with their innovative idea of making every body feel special. That is why they worked for plus-size products. 

Before Hips and Curves, it was pretty hard to find trendy and quality plus-size products in the market. But Hips and Curves successfully worked on plus-size lingerie. They also expanded their range to cater to more customers.

Moreover, their idea to make something for plus-size people was really admired by people. They set a new trend in the industry and proved every body is beautiful. 

Hips and Curves is not only a brand. It is a unique name and identity of plus-size lingerie. This brand has played an important role in the industry. They break many industry norms and set different yet positive impacts.  

Challenges Faced By Hips and Curves

Is Hips and Curves Going Out of Business

The journey of Hips and Curves was never simple and easy. The brand faced many challenges in the way of its success. Let’s have a look at some of these challenges: 

Market Competiton

The first important challenge faced by Hips and Curves was market competition. The fashion industry was never easy for the brands. Brands always encounter many challenges, and market competition is one of them. The Hips and Curves also faced this challenge. 

Although they were the pioneers of their unique idea, many other brands came in with the same idea and even with better products. This really impacted the sales and the position of Hips and Curves. 

Changing Fashion Trends

Fashion trends never remain constant. They always keep chaining over time. These changing fashion trends became a significant challenge for Hips and Curves. As a new start-up brand, it was difficult for it to evolve its range continuously. Thus, the brand faced hard times to meet the preferences of the market and customers. 

Marketing Difficulties

Marketing is really important for any brand as it helps to attract more customers. Although it is important, it requires significant money. However, for a new brand like Hips and Curves, it was not easy to invest in marketing. Thus, due to the lack of marketing, the brand faced numerous challenges in attracting customers. 

Is Hips and Curves Going Out of Business?

The answer to the rumor, “Is Hips and Curves going out of business?” is a simple no. The renowned brand Hips and Curves is not closing down or ceasing its operations. The brand is still in the business and selling its plus-size products proudly. 

All the news related to rumors was fake and holds no truth. The good news is that Hips and Curves is not going under. They are actively selling their products in the market. You can also buy their items online. 

Moreover, there are no official announcements of Hips and Curves closure. This is evidence that the brand is not going out of business. Also, they still have a strong online presence which suggests that the brand is actively selling its products and is not discontinuing its operations. 

The rumors related to the brand’s closure may be due to some challenges faced by them. Although they faced challenges, they remained courageous and never compromised their identity and quality. This is the reason that they are still operating. 

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Future of Hips and Curves

As we have discussed, Hips and Curves is not closing down; in fact, their future holds a lot of opportunities and success for them. The brand is working day and night to overcome the challenges and make a strong position in the market. 

They are also working on improving their online presence through better marketing because marketing is the key to attracting customers. So, we can say that with time we will see Hips and Curves as a big name in the market. 

But, the brand may also face some challenges due to high market competition and changing customer preferences. Thus, only time will reveal what Hips and Curves is going to have in the future. 

Is Hips and Curves Going Out of Business - Bottom Line

In conclusion, “Is Hips and Curves going out of business?” has been an important concern among their loyal customers. But the fact is that Hips and Curves is not going anywhere. This brand is still operating and selling proudly in the market. 

All the rumors related to its closure were fake. It is true that the brand faced many challenges, such as market competition, changes in customer preferences, and retail and marketing difficulties. But instead of all these challenges the brand successfully maintained its position and reputation. 

You can still buy their products in stores and online as well. So, shop freely without being worried about brand closure. Happy shopping!


  1. Who is the Owner of Hips and Curves?

Rebecca Jennings is the president and the CEO of Hips Curved. This brand was started in 2000 with the unique idea of making plus-size lingerie. 

  1. When Did the Brand Hips and Curves Begin?

Hips and Curved is a privately labeled brand that was started in 2000. 

  1. Is Hips and Curves Going Out of Business?

As per the latest updates, the Hips and Curves brand is not going anywhere. This brand is still in the market, selling quality and comfortable products.