Is Hobby Lobby Going Out of Business?

Is Hobby Lobby Going Out of Business?
Is Hobby Lobby Going Out of Business

“Is Hobby going out of business?” is a common question circulating among customers and retailers. Hobby Lobby is a well-known name in the retail world. The store sells a range of arts and crafts products. With over 900 locations, Hobby Lobby has served the market for many years. 

But recently, they announced a sudden closure of many stores. This puts people in a query about the store’s operations and future. These sudden closures raised the question, “Is Hobby Lobby going out of business?”

If you are wondering the same, this article is for you. Here, we will discuss whether the super retail chain is really leaving the industry or all the news was just rumors. So, hang around and read on!

A Quick Look at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a popular retail enthusiast who sells a variety of crafts and home decor items. This chain was started in 1972 by  David and Barbara Green in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Their journey began with a 300-square-foot store. With the main focus on selling quality products under one roof, they gained immense popularity in no time. By 1985, there were around 15 Hobby Lobby stores. 

In 1993, they opened their first superstore at 50,000 square feet. Today, there are Hobby Lobby stores in 47 different states. Their employee army consists of 43,000 workers who are all committed to providing quality services to the customers. 

Moreover, Hobby Lobby is the largest privately owned company. Green Family owns it and has been in the retail business for many years with a marinated excellence.  Whether you need wedding supplies or part products, Hobby Lobby is heaven for all crafts enthusiasts. 

Is Hobby Lobby Going Out of Business?

So, it's time to answer, “Is Hobby Lobby going out of business?” The simple answer is “NO.” Hobby Lobby is not leaving the business, nor does it have plans to go out of business. They closed many Hobby Lobby locations during the pandemic, but these closures were not permanent. Now, as the pandemic has ended, the store is back to business. All the Hoppy Lobby operations are now working and selling like they used to function before the pandemic. 

Moreover, they faced a significant decrease in sales and customers during the pandemic. So, now Hobby Lobby is working hard with some innovative strategies and plans. These strategies are aimed at growing their business and customer reach. 

Also, they are planning to open their stores at more locations to cater to more customers. So, you can shop for your favorite home decor items from Hobby Lobby as they are not going anywhere. 

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Hobby Lobby’s Financial Performance

Is Hobby Lobby Going Out of Business

Although Hobby Lobby has been in the industry for quite a long time, it has faced many financial issues. The store faced many lawsuits and other legal issues. This all resulted in decreased sales and a decline in profit. So, their financial journey was not smooth. 

It is true that the company faced many financial ups and downs they are still continuing its operations. Moreover, Hobby Lobby is also trying to improve its financial position by investing in more quality products and loyal customers. 

The retail giant Hobby Lobby faced a significant decline in its sales over the past years. The primary reason behind this decline was the pandemic, which resulted in the closure of many Hobby Lobby stores. Also, the lawsuits played an important role in decreased sales and business loss. 

Legal Issues Faced By Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby also faced some legal issues and lawsuits during its retail journey. The company fought many legal battles. These lawsuits were mainly regarding religious freedom, labor practices, and the acquisition of cultural artifacts. These lawsuits negatively impacted Hobby Lobby’s public reputation and customer trust. Also, these lawsuits result in high costs and decreased profit and revenue. 

Will Hobby Lobby Close its Stores in the Future?

It is true that Hobby Lobby closed many stores during the pandemic. The reasons behind these closures were lockdown and low foot traffic. But, all these closures were for a short time. After the pandemic and lockdown restrictions, the Hobby Lobby is all back in business and operating like before. Now, all their stores are open and selling top-notch products at reasonable prices. 

But, people are still worried about Hobby Lobby’s future and wondering if they will close stores in the future. So, the straight answer is no. Hobby Lobby has no plans to close its stores in the future. As they are back after the pandemic, now they are focused on opening more locations to increase their customer range and business. 

Hobby Lobby is also making essential stratigies to improve its financial condition and is also trying to enhance and upgrade its services and production. So, you must not worry about Hobby Lobby’s future as they are not going anywhere and will not close any stores in the future. 

Tips for Shopping at Hobby Lobby

As Hobby Lobby is not going out of business, you can buy all Hobby Lobby items from any of your nearest stores. So, here are some pro tips to shop at Hobby Lobby and to get the most from your visit: 

  • Always keep a check on Hobby Lobby’s weekly and annual sales to get big discounts. 

  • Follow Hobby Lobby’s official social media accounts to stay informed. 

  • Download their app to get notifications regarding sales and discounts. 

  • Plan your visit wisely. Try not to visit the store during peak shopping hours. In this way, you will get more time to explore the store. 

  • Also, sign up for Hobby Lobby emails to get the best discounted deals. 

Is Hobby Lobby Going Out of Business - Bottom Line

The quick answer to “Is Hobby Lobby Going Out of Business” is No. The retail chain is not shutting down or leaving the industry. Although they announced some closures during the pandemic, now they are back in the business. 

Hobby Lobby also faced some financial challenges, which resulted in decreased profits. Also, they came across some legal issues and lawsuits regarding religious practices and customer services. These things negatively impacted their reputation and sales. However, it does not indicate that they are leaving the business. 

Moreover, Hobby Lobby is working to open more locations with better services to increase its sales and profit. So, pick your bag and visit the nearest Hobby Lobby store today to buy your favorite craft items. 

Happy shopping!