Is Shoe City Going Out of Business? Facts About Bankruptcy and Closure

Is Shoe City Going Out of Business? Facts About Bankruptcy and Closure
Is Shoe City Going Out of Business

Have you heard of the latest news about Shoe City? Yes, this famous shoe brand has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Successfully operated for around 74 years, but now this retail shoe company has been facing some problems for a year or two. This has made people curious about the business plans of Shoe City. 

There are many rumors of Shoe City going out of business. After the news of their bankruptcy, the customers are asking, “Is Shoe City going out of business?” If you are wondering the same, you are in the right place. 

In today’s guide, we will uncover all the latest updates and facts about this popular shoe store. So, start your journey of finding “Is Shoe City going out of business?” with us. Let’s get started!

About Shoe City

Let’s start with a brief introduction and history of Shoe City. Shoe City is a popular shoe store. It is actually a family-run business that has been serving the retail shoe industry for around 74 years. This brand sells a range of footwear, like shoes, streetwear, and many more. 

The company was started in 1949 in Monument Street with the name of Eileen’s Shoes. Later, in 1980, Eileen’s City changed its name to Shoe City. After a few years of start, this small family-owned company turned into a big retail company. 

Shoe City has around 39 stores in different locations, such as Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia. This company soon turned into a go-to destination for shoe enthusiasts. For many people, Shoe City is not just a shoe store, in fact, it is a part of their lives. 

But recently, there have been many rumors of Shoe City going out of business. People are worried about the future of their beloved shoe brand. If you are also thinking, Is Shoe City going out of business?” then keep reading as we will answer your query in the next parts. 

Is Shoe City Going Out of Business?

Is Shoe City Going Out of Business

Yes, Shoe City is closing its doors. After serving the market for around 74 years, the company has announced its official closure. The company has made this decision after filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. They have announced to close all 39 locations by 31 May 2023. So, currently, all the Shoe City locations have closed. 

This news was not easy for shoe enthusiasts to digest. It has made many customers worried. But all the news and rumors of closure are true. After serving excellence for many years, this brand has closed. Now, the customers have to find a new spot to buy their sneakers and streetwear. This is definitely sad news for their customers, but the company has decided its close due to certain reasons. 

The closure of Shoe City will bring a big change to the market. Many new brands may emerge in the town. But, an important point is that the retail industry is really unpredictable. The trends often change, due to which big brands often face difficulties and face challenges. So, it is important to evolve with the evolving industry. 

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Who Bought Shoe City?

Shoe City has operated for many years as one of the biggest retail brands. This company had a big customer base. But in 2022, the company was bought by the Arkyzl Group. Arkyzl Group is another big retail brand. It also owns the Athlete’s Foot. 

This purchase means that Shoe City was part of the same group as Athlete’s Foot. Moreover, this group also includes an online platform, 

Arklyz Group bought Shoe City to strengthen its position in the market. The aim behind the purchase was to come up in the market as the strongest retail brand. This purchase also aims to reach more customers with a broader range of products. 

However, Shoe City later faced many challenges, such as a competitive market and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Due to these difficulties, the Shoe City decided to close. Now, Shoe City is no more in the business. 

Why is Shoe City Going Out of Business?

Now most people are wondering about the reasons for Shoe City’s closure. Like any other retail business, Shoe City faced many challenges in the competitive market. Its biggest challenge was financial problems. The company faced severe financial issues in keeping operating. They were under heavy debt and also filed for the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Maryland. Although this bankruptcy aimed to help businesses organize their debts and bring them to the market, Shoe City’s case was different. After filing for bankruptcy, the company decided to close and leave the business forever. 

Another important reason for the Shoe City’s closure was the competitive market. As we all know, the retail market is really competitive. Businesses often face challenges in keeping pace with evolving trends and customer preferences. Shoe City may also face these challenges and decide to close. 

The closure of Shoe City shows that the retail market is not easy to go for businesses. The companies always need to evolve and update with the changing market trends. So, the simple answer to your query, “Why is Shoe City going out of business?” is its financial issues, heavy debt, bankruptcy, and competitive market. 

As this brand has left the business, now you need to find other good brands to shop your footwear. We know finding other brands might appear difficult for you, but it is the demand of the present time, as your favorite Shoe City is no longer in operation. 

Impacts of Shoe City Closure

Show City is not a small name. It is, in fact, a really big retail brand with over 39 locations. The company had around 500 employees, out of which 200 employees were part-time and around 160 were full-time. Now, with its closure, not only customers but the employees will also be affected. They would have to find new jobs. This situation can lead to a higher unemployment rate. 

Moreover, with the closure of the Shoe Store the retail market will also face some changes. This closure might be a possibility for many other brands to come up in the market. But, customers will also face some challenges to find any other brand like Shoe Store. As one of the biggest retail brands, the Shoe Store’s closure will also affect the economy of the city. But all this is part of the retail industry. 

Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, all the news and updates related to Shoe City going out of business are true. Although it is difficult to digest, Shoe City is no longer in the market. The company has closed its 39 stores on 13 May 2023. They made this decision after filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Now all their stores have been closed. 

The reasons behind Shoe City’s closure are financial difficulties and debt. The company also faced some challenges in keeping pace and evolving with the competitive landscape of the retail industry. But you need not worry there are many other reliable and quality shoe brands that you can opt for. 


  1. Where and When Did Shoe City Start?

Shoe City started in 1949 on Monument Street as Eileen’s Shoes. Then in 1980, Eileen Shoes changed its name to Shoe City. 

  1. Is Shoe City Going Out of Business?

Yes, Shoe City closed all its locations on 13th May 2023. Now there are no more Shoe City stores in operation. 

  1. How Many Shoe City Stores Were There?

Shoe City had 39 stores at different locations. But, now all the locations have closed. 

  1. When Did All Shoe City Stores Close?

Shoe City announced closing all its stores by 13th May 2023.