Is Tastefully Simple Going Out of Business?

Is Tastefully Simple Going Out of Business?
Is Tastefully Simple Going Out of Business

You must hear of Tastefully Simple, a famous brand that specializes in gourmet and easy-to-use food products. This brand focuses on customers' convenience and manufactures a range of meal solutions. They have been in the market for a long time and make delicious and quality products to enhance the flavor of your meals. 

Like any other brand, Tastefully Simple also faced some challenges in operating. So, there are many rumors of its closure. You might heard of this gossip or wandering is Tastefully Simple going out of business. If so, you are where you should be!

In this up-to-date business guide, we will answer your query: Is Tastefully Simple going of business? To know this and more, you need to stick around us and keep reading!

History of Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple is a U.S based direct selling company. It was started in 1995 by Jill Blashack Strahan. The innovation behind this company was to provide customers with easy and ready-made products that are simple to use and can improve the taste of simple dishes. Although Tastefully Simple had a very simple beginning, it expanded fast and soon became a well-known and beloved brand. The company specializes in meal kits, signature seasonings, sauces, and baking mixes. 

The journey of Tastefully Simple was not really simple. It was like a bumpy ride. During their journey, they faced a lot of problems in keeping pace with the changing market trends and customer preferences. 

But it is important to note that throughout their journey, they faced all difficulties with great courage and remained resilient. Although they faced many business problems, they never compromise on quality and customer care. Their determination to quality and ease make them a trustworthy and loved brand. 

Is Tastefully Simple Going Out of Business? Latest Business Updates

As per the latest updates, Tastefully Simple is not going out of business. All the rumors related to Tastefully Simple going out of business are fake. Despite many financial challenges and rumors of closings, the company is still around and producing its quality products. Moreover, their website is also active, and using it, you can purchase any of their meal solutions to enhance your flavors. 

But what is the best news? Tastefully Simple is not only in business but is also trying to improve its customer reach and services. The company is working to increase its business model in order to cater to more customers. 

The company also announced a business relationship with Initials Inc., which suggests it actively pursues strategies to grow and evolve. So, you need not worry about its closure because they are still serving and have no plans to close. You can buy their products from any nearby retail shop or their website. 

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Financial Performance of Tastefully Simple 

Is Tastefully Simple Going Out of Business

Tastefully Simple is a thriving company with an annual revenue of around 143 million dollars in 2008. However, the company faced some downfall after that, and its revenue decreased. According to the latest estimates, their revenue is around 10 million to 50 million dollars. 

Despite the challenges faced by Tastefully Simple, they remained focused on increasing their sales and production. All their efforts came true by 2019. This year, the company generated a revenue of 1 million dollars. It was an unexpected turnaround and uplift in their performance. 

The company continuously works on its business model to improve its sales and profit. Despite the financial downturn, Tastefully Simple remains funded by the Direct Selling Association. It helped them a lot to stable their business model. 

Challenges Faced By Tastefully Simple

Like any other business, Tastefully Simple also faced some challenges. One of their most important challenge was financial downfall. In the year 2008, the company generated pretty good revenue. But it failed to stay there or increase it. They faced a serious downfall, and the revenue decreased a lot. This financial downfall badly affected their business and resulted in decreased sales. 

Besides financial challenges, Tastefully Simple also faced difficulties keeping pace with the changing market trends. With the change in market trends and customer preferences, businesses need to evolve. Without evolving and adopting innovation, no business can be successful. In the starting years, Tastefully Simple faced problems in continuously evolving and keeping up with changing customer interests. 

Impact of COVID-19 on Tastefully Simple

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has had a significant impact on Tastefully Simple. There was a visible decrease in its sales and revenue. Due to health concerns and lockdowns, the business survived a lot. 

During the pandemic, there was a shortage of plastic and packing materials. This issue affected the production of Tastefully Simple. Due to this shortage, they face issues in timely packing and deliveries. 

People stayed more at home due to the viral infection, leading to business loss. Due to fewer customers and foot traffic, most stores remain closed. It decreases the sales and annual profit. So, like any other business, Tastefully Simple also faced many hurdles during the pandemic of COVID-19. 

Future Outlook For Tastefully Simple

The future outlook of Tastefully Simple looks positive. The company has announced a new partnership, which will positively impact its business. They are also making new business strategies to evolve and grow. Besides new business strategies, they focus on improving their product range.

Now, people are more interested in online shopping, so Tastefully Simple is also working to enhance their online services. The company offers opportunities for people to become consultants and make extra income by selling delicious, easy-to-prepare food products. This direct sales model allows people to earn 10% to 40% in sales commission, depending on their performance. So, the future holds a lot for Tastefully Simple, and you will continue to enjoy their convenient products. 

Final Words!

In conclusion, all rumors about Tastefully Simple going out of business hold no truth. The company is still in business and operating. Their website is also active, and they sell their quality and convenient products both in stores and online. 

Although they faced some challenges in operating, they are still around and are planning to improve their services. They have announced a new partnership with Initials Inc. This partnership will bring the chance for business expansion and generate high revenue. So, don’t worry about Tastefully Simple going out of business, and keep enjoying their innovative products to enhance the flavor of your simple homemade dishes. 


  1. What is Tastefully Simple?

Tastefully Simple is a renowned that manufactures easy-to-use and ready-made food products and meal solutions. They produce a range of products to enhance the flavor of your dishes. 

  1. Are Tastefully Simple Products Safe and Healthy?

Yes, all Tastefully Simple products are considered safe and healthy. Their products are manufactured under high quality and supervision. 

  1. How Long has Tastefully Simple been in the Business?

Tastefully Simple has been in the business since 1995. They have been manufacturing delicious and quality products for more than 25 years. 

  1. Is Tastefully Simple Going Out of Business?

As of the latest updates, there are no updates of Tastefully Simple going out of business. This company is still in business and manufacturing tasty meal solutions.

  1. Can You Buy Tastefully Simple Products in Stores?

Yes, you can buy any of Tastefully Simple’s products from any of your nearby stores. Moreover, you can use their website to purchase their items.