Red Robin Closing Time: When Do They Shut The Doors?

Discover the Red Robin closing time to have a smooth dining experience. Plan wisely so you don’t miss out on your favorite Gourmet burger.

Red Robin Closing Time: When Do They Shut The Doors?
Red Robin Closing Time

Red Robin is a popular restaurant chain in America. It is best known for its delicious Gourmet burgers and Bottomless fries. Not only its food but the environment is also lively.

But do you know when it closes its doors for the day?

As a customer, knowing the Red Robin closing time is essential. It helps you plan your meal wisely. 

Knowing the operating hours ensures that you dont arrive as they are closing up.

In this guide, we’ll explore the Red Robin working hours and the factors affecting the hours. So, this is a must-read guide for you. Let’s get started!

Standard Red Robin Closing Time

Weekday Hours

During weekdays, Red Robin opens for lunch and typically serves until night. It begins around 11:00 AM and closes around 10:00 PM.

This timing may vary depending on location, customer demand, and local rules. Make sure to confirm the closing hours before planning your visit.


Opening Time

Closing Time


11:00 AM

10:00 PM


11:00 AM

10:00 PM


11:00 AM

10:00 PM


11:00 AM

10:00 PM


11:00 AM

11:00 PM


Weekend Hours

Red Robin usually extends its operating hours on weekends to accommodate customers’ demands. On weekends it opens at the same time as weekdays. However, it may close late.

On Saturday and Sunday, it opens around 11:00 AM and closes around 11:00 PM. These extended hours allow customers to enjoy their favorite meal without being in a hurry.

At some locations, it may keep operating till late or midnight. On the other hand, it may not allow to work until late at night due to local rules.

It is always best to call the local restaurant to confirm the timings.


Opening Time

Closing Time


11:00 AM

11:00 PM


11:00 AM

10:00 PM


Holiday Hours

Robin's holiday hours vary depending on the event. It usually extends its hours to meet the foot traffic. But, on some holidays, it may remain closed.

It operates on regular hours on holidays such as Martin Luter King Day or Easter Eve. While on other holidays like Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, it remains closed.

Holidays On Which Red Robin Keeps Operating




5 September

Labor Day


19 June

Father’s Day


30 May

Memorial Day


8 May

Mother’s Day


17 January

Martin Luter King Day


14 February

Valentine’s Day


4 July

Independence Day


24 December

Christmas Eve


26 November

Black Friday


31 October



15 April

Good Friday



Holidays On Which Red Robin Remains Close




25 December



24 November

Thanksgiving Day



Which Factors Can Affect Red Robin Closing Time?


In different locations and states, Red Robin closing times vary. It is due to local rules and customer demand. At some places where foot traffic remains high till midnight, it remains open till late or midnight.

Special Events and Holidays

Red Robin usually alters its hours to accommodate special events and holidays. For instance, it close earlier on events like Christmas and Easter. 

Local festivals like country Prades and gatherings may also close earlier to let the staff enjoy these events. While on holidays like Valentine’s Day and Father’s Day, it may extend its hours to fulfill customer demand.

Seasonal Changes

During different seasons, Red Robin closing time vary. For instance, during the summer season, more people tend to dine out, so they extend their hours. This helps the customers to enjoy their night cravings with Robin’s delicious burgers.

While in winter or harsh weather, most people stay at their homes. So, it may shorten its operating hours during this season. 

Emergency Situations

Red Robin closing time can also be affected due to any unforeseen situations. These situations may include harsh weather, power breakdown, or other emergencies. 

It is always wise to check the Red Robin official website to know the operating schedule.

Local Rules 

Certain local regulations can also affect the Red Robin closing time. In some areas, it may allow to operate until late at night. While in other areas, it may only allow to operate until evening.

So, you should always check the local restaurant's closing time before planning your dinner.

How To Find Out Local Red Robin Closing Time?

  1. Use Red Robin Website

The Red Robin official website is a reliable way to find its operating hours. You can get a list of local outlet hours by simply visiting their website and adding your current location.

This is not only an easy method, but it will also give you precise information.

  1. Contact the local Red Robin Restaurant

For a direct approach, calling the Robin store is the best option. The restaurant staff will provide the operating hours. You can also ask them for any additional information that you may need.

You can also place an order using this method.

  1. Use Yelp

Yelp is a popular online platform that provides information about different businesses. You can use this app to find the Red Robin Closing time. 

To do so, you just need to visit the website and search for “Red Robin.” The search result will give you information about the operating hours of Red Robin. 

  1. Search on Google Maps

Another convenient method to find Red Robin closing time is using Google Maps. For this, simply search for the desired Robin location. The result will provide you with the operating hours of your nearby outlets.

  1. Download the Red Robin App

Downloading the Red Robin app can be helpful to know the Robin hours and to place an order. This app will provide you with up-to-date information on operating hours. 

Final Words!

In conclusion, knowing the Red Robin closing time is essential for a smooth dining experience. Its standard operating hours are from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. But, they may vary dispending on specific locations, rules, and holidays.

Factors such as seasonal changes, local events, and emergency situations can also affect its working hours. It is best to confirm its hours before heading forward.

You can use Google Maps, the official website, and Yelp to check for the precise timing.

We hope this guide will help you enjoy your late-night craving for Robin’s Gourmet burger. Enjoy your Robin experience!


  1. What is Red Robin’s Slogan?

Red Robin’s slogan is “YUMMM.” It conveys the deliciousness of their food.

  1. What is Red Robin Famous For?

Red Robin is most famous for its Gourmet burger and  Bottomless fries. It has extensive menu options from lunch to dinner.

  1. When Does Red Robin Open and Close?

On regular days Red Robin opens around 11:00 AM and closes around 10:00 PM.

  1. What Time Does Red Robin Close on Saturday and Sunday?

On Saturday, Red Robin closes around 11:00 PM. While on Sunday, it closes around 10:00 PM.

  1. What are Red Robin's Christmas Hours?

Red Robin’s Christmas hours vary depending on location and local rules. In some areas, it may prolong its hours on Christmas, while in other locations, it may remain closed. So, you should always check the local outlet on Christmas.